Esposizioni feline/gatti, campione e allevare

Esposizioni feline/gatti, campione e allevare

Breeder who wins in shows / cats / show = good breeder?

Champione cat = cat = a good guarantee of producing great cats (who would also champion)?

Wait – but  what is the show / exhibition of cats in reality?

Who are the judges?

The exhibitions of cats / feline exposures were born in 1871, by Mr. Harrison Weir, the first expo was held in London’s Crystal Palace. The original idea was to show different purebred cats with pedigree to the public as a form of education to the public about the breed in general. Although it was conceived as a place where farmers can exchange information, and get to know each other.

Today, the show is also a beauty contest, a tool to promote themselves. Education to the public-in my opinion – yes and no, because it has become a place of misinformation, rather deformed. The judges found the cat only from the point of view of aesthetics (which in theory is based on the  standard ). Thus, it is important that a cat is healthy? If a cat is genetically a good cat to play? If this cat has a COI  (consanguinity) high? These elements are clearly not part of the concept of “beauty” and therefore are not important to the judge.

The standard  of a purebred cat is only described in words, then the cat owner, the breeder, and the judge must consider how it is that cat than the standard. And then, if you read the standard, morphological elements such as orrechie, are defined as large, the tail is long – BUT how big is big? How long is long? Compared to what?

Now – who are the judges ? In the majority of cases are or were farmers, who have won and produced a number of samples, studied the course, under a mentor and judge, has judged a number of cats for that category. This means that it is not necessary that the judge considers that specific breed he has not been un’allevatore.

The job of a judge

A judge should reward the cat that best represents that specific breed among all cats present at the show that day. Why is not there a more beautiful cat. Only there is a cat closer to the standard (as before, the standard also creates problems). And here is the great dilemma (Okay … now we are in the midst of many problems), it is very difficult to choose the most representative among all cat cats of the same breed there, so the judge, to make your life easier – often selects and rewards a cat with extreme morphologies. This is because a cat is easier than extreme atttiri more attention in the public. From here starts the mess (not just a problem ..).

The Cat Extreme

When a cat Extreme wins a show (usually not just one, but all the time, because one of the judges are promoted some cats, so that the cat will win easy) to become a fashion, breeders seeking extreme subjects for playback. This makes it easier and faster to win an exhibition. This is extremely injurious to the race, whatever it is.

But why a cat extreme is not good to play?

One example among many – the cat-Persian Persian cat today – no longer has a muzzle (now the standard has changed a bit ‘to save this situation), if we look at the old photos of the Persians of the 60s, they had a barrel nasal normal. What has happened? The standard says – short nose, but how short is short? When a judge says, “I prefer a shorter nose,” you know how short is short? For years, it has triggered the rush to produce and present subjects with a shorter nose, and we got a cat with a flat nose as the Persian today. The skull is deformed so as to cause malfunctions, especially in breathing. It ‘really what a breeder should do? We can call it “love” for a cat? Love for a race?


The children of the samples are really good cats?

Many breeders say this kitten / cat is the son / daughter of the sample. This certainly facilitates the sale of kittens. People also think that the higher the title (as world champion), the greater the guarantee of a great cat.

With this theory, the living is easy! As a breeder just buy all those who are sons and daughters of a star of the Expo! But the world is really so simple? Let’s see … how many movie stars give birth to many talents from generations to generations? There may be 1 son / daughter of 4 who becomes another legend of cinema (with both parents who are star), but I never felt that everyone without distinction of becoming stars. Among other things, it’s fun to think that many of the big movie stars come from modest families and ordinary.

Breeding is not just to raise the appearance of a cat, as it appears, some breeders are focused on the shape of the head, the other on the color, the hair, the shape of the eyes, nose and so on. Others put more effort on health and temperament rather than on appearance. Obviously, when we focus only on appearance, it is much easier to reach a goal, compared to things like health or temperament, on this the IOC is an element essential to take into consideration, and for these things is necessary do many studies.

The breeding is a long-term, it needs lots and lots of patience, study hard, not only to bring the cat to the Expo, to win. Thus we can say that:

The breeder who wins the show does not automatically mean that it is a good breeder

Champion does not automatically mean that it is a good cat, and does not mean that it is capable of playing great cats (healthy cats)


I always wonder:

Breed cats for what reason? What kind of passion? The passion to win at Expo? A passion for selling cats (well …. Money)? Or a passion for the breed?