CH. S*Vimmerskogen's Isadora

CH. S*Vimmerskogen’s Isadora

CH.S*Vimmerskogen’s Isadora

Gatto norvegese delle foreste Nero spotted tabby


Pet name: Issan

NFO n 24


Nato: 26.05.2010,

GSDIV N/N (02/2011) Laboklin

HCM normale 02/2012 (Dott.ssa Patrizia Knafelz – cardiologia veterinaria)

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Pedigree PawPeds

SC (N)Fodnaheia´s Louie JW, NFO n 24 (Norvegese delle foreste nero spotted tabby)

HCM normale, GSDIV normale

IC S* Vimmerskogen´s Doris, NFO n 09 24 (Norvegese delle foreste nero spotted tabby con bianco)

HCM 02/2010 normale, GSDIV normale

gatto norvegese Roma Vimmerskogen’s Isadora 052011

We searched this little princess for a long long time, and we are very lucky we found her in Sweden, and really thank you very much to Gunilla’s trust to let us own this wonderful girl – a girl who grown up in a home full of human and cats’ love.

2010-11-20 Magnificat Roma Class Giovani 3-6 mesi Klein Ex 1
2010-11-21 Magnificat Roma Class Giovani 3-6 mesi Nyman Ex1
2011-04-02 Roma Ciampino Open class Veland CAC
2011-04-03 Roma Ciampino Open class Roca Folch CAC
2011-04-16 Faenza Open class Peltonen Ex 2
02-06-2012 Spoleto Open class Brambilla CAC – Campione
03-06-2012 Spoleto Champion Class Klein CACIB